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July 4th Live your Liberty, don't lose it in a History Book.

Live your Liberty, don't lose it in a History Book.

Keri and I invite you again to listen to the three live dramatic "radio play" podcasts based upon letters and documents from the lead up to the American Declaration of Independence. You can hear readings from our nation's past which directly reflect upon our nation's present and future.

Part 1 Prelude to a Revolution
Part 2 Spring 1775, The Cost of Liberty
Part 3"Our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor"

We began these series of live dramatized readings two years ago as our Nation approached it's "birthday". It struck us that the situations and the causes of the American Revolution were as alive today as they had been to our countries' forefathers:
Polarization of political speech, leaders quashing dissent in the press, the imprisonment or detaining of persons without trial or hearing, and the removing of "undesirable persons" to offshore prisons.

The political climate m…