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Ghosts of the Internet 2 Halloween LIVE OCT. 26, 2008

This SUNDAY!!! Ghosts of the Internet Two Live Folks will be dying to hear it! Sunday, October 26, 2008 Live at 2pm Pacific - 5pm Eastern We're going Live {ish} again the weekend before Halloween!! Collect your favorite Ghost stories, poems, childrens' books, or write up your own personal hauntings... OR - you can download pdf's here of some stories For Info or to Join in... email me email me OR CLICK AND WE WILL CALL YOU! THROUGH GRAND CENTRAL.COM To listen to last year's show... {both pre recorded and live} TO PLAY A PREVIEW Click Here! to get to the large High Quality mp3 file... TO HEAR from Boo at 2 pacific - Live at 5 eastern