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Interactive Podcasting

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Ghosts of the Internet Podcast

BOOOO!! presents - a live TALKCAST Ghosts of the Internet 2007! We had a great time doing a live interactive talkcast Saturday night. Live readings from Poe and Edward Gorey and other "scary stories and poems". Look for the playable and downloadable mp3 file - TAKE A LISTEN!! HERE from Have comments? Visit and click on our message- And We'll Call YOU! Or you can call +1 818 338 5411 and leave a voice message.

Read a GHOST Story Live or tell one of your own!!

Pick your Story - or tell one of your own!! Live on the Air! Download a story or Poem from us! - pdfs AVAILABLE HERE - Click Below - And We'll Call YOU! or call +1 818 338 5411 TO PRE RECORD A SCARY STORY: LEAVE A MESSAGE WITH YOUR NAME, AND WHERE YOU ARE CALLING FROM - THE TITLE AND AUTHOR OF THE STORY - {PLEASE CALL BEFORE NOON, PACIFIC TIME ON SATURDAY} THEN READ AWAY - WE'LL GET AN MP3 FILE OF YOUR STORY DELIVERED TO US- AND WE WILL AIR IT! Date: Sat, October 27, 2007 Time: 02:45 PM EDT {05:45pm Pacific!!} Talkcast ID: 59885 Episode: EPISODE1 - Ghosts of the Internet Click Here to go to Ghost and Horror Stories for and by Kids and Adults as an intro to Halloween Bring your stories {BYOS} - come read with us online! How to participate: Call in: Dial: (724) 444-7444 Enter: 59885 # (Talkcast ID) Enter: 1 # or your PIN Join from your computer: Beco

Prelude to Revolution:

Eclipse- 1 media presents The voices and events leading up to the American War for Independence - , an audio play taken from historical documents and eyewitness accounts from 1761-1775 Performed on July 01, 2007 (length 1 Hour) Written and directed by Keri Dearborn and Michael Lawshe´ Click Here to Hear on your computer! Click th e button To download and hear a high quality mp3 file to play later, follow this link to Click Here to download from Under Past Episodes - Click the button (70 mb!) Live Your Liberty! Pick yer Part! Recording Live with Playback on Computer and ipod The cast - not pictured Marc and Kathy - Pre-Recorded A Resounding Peal of Freedom!