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Saved By The Endangered Species Act

Human survival and well being depends on a healthy robust environment. We know what works.


Channel Island foxes were headed toward extinction in the year 2000. Seventeen years later, because of the Endangered Species Act and active conservation efforts from a broad range of government agencies, private and public conservation organizations, and community members, island foxes are thriving again.

Positive change and clean-up takes much longer and is far more financially expensive than prevention. Forests can not regrow overnight. Cleaning-up coastal waters takes decades. Bringing a species back from the brink of extinction is difficult.

We are going to hear a lot about "common sense" regulation in the next four years. Whether we like to admit it or not there are people who place their own personal gain over the health and well being of other people and the planet. The Environmental Protection Agency, Justice Department, Interior Department, Department of Health and Human Services, and Energy Department are supposed to act on behalf of the least represented, to protect those with the least-heard voice.

What good is military might if we poison ourselves with chemical-laced water and toxic air?

If you stood under a clear blue sky today, thank the Clean Air Act and continuing updates of vehicle emissions standards.

If you could drink your tap water, thank the Clean Water Act.

If you saw a bird fly overhead that was something other than a starling, European house sparrow, or a feral rock dove, thank the Migratory Bird Conservation Act.

If, in the last five years, you saw a bald eagle, brown pelican, elephant seal, California sea lion, sea otter, grizzly bear, gray wolf, American bison, sandhill or whooping crane, peregrine falcon, gray whale, Florida key deer, or a Channel Island fox, thank the Endangered Species Act.

We've made too many positive steps toward a cleaner, safer planet. Let's not let it slip away.

because we are part of the Earth's community.

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